Does Kyle Larson deserve a 2nd chance?

If we know one thing, it’s that Kyle Larson has been one of the best young drivers since 2014. Larson has picked up 6 Nascar Cup Series victories, 101 Top Tens, and was the 2014 Nascar Cup Rookie of the Year. In fact, you would have to go all the way back to 2015 in order to find a year where Larson didn’t finish the season in the Top Ten.

However, during the covid pandemic, Larson was involved in an iRacing session where he was caught on live stream using a racial slur. If the act by Larson wasn’t bad enough on it’s own, this comes in a time where organizations like “Black Lives Matter” have picked up major traction. This could make one ask, ‘why would Nascar even put themselves in a position to receive such negative feedback by reinstating Larson’?

Well, Larson was recently in an interview that was uploaded to youtube today (Tuesday, July 28th). In said interview, Larson admitted that he would absolutely “love a shot” at coming back to Nascar. Although he hasn’t been able to race in what would be considered the “big leagues”, he has been plenty busy this summer in dirt racing where he has racked up an impressive 20 victories in only 34 races.

Ultimately, it could be tough with the amount of racial tension in the world to convince sponsors to back Larson. However, lets not forget that he has completed racial sensitivity classes. He has also issued an apology for the incident. Surely nobody would make excuses for Larsons actions, this includes Larson himself. However, would you support possibly one of the racers in the game being reinstated during the prime of his career? Larson will turn 28 on July 31st. He is also set to become a free agent to start the 2021 season if he is indeed reinstated in time by Nascar. Maybe he could complete the young team at Hendrick Motorsports once Jimmy Johnson retires? Personally, I believe if Larson were to be reinstated then somebody would definitely take a chance on a driver as talented as he is.

But, first…He must be reinstated. Soooo…What do you think?

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