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AEW: Fumble Of The Week

Hello everyone and welcome to AEW:Fumble Of The Week. In this article what I am looking for is what could AEW have done better this week. Perhaps it could have been a botched move, a mishandled segment, or just an opinion on something that the company could have done better.

For this week, it would be easy for me to point out the fact that Luchasaurus nearly lost his mask. This couldn’t even be ignored by the commentating team while the match was taking place. While this was clearly not planned, and it could have been a huge disaster, I am instead heading in a different direction. The direction of which I am heading for this week’s AEW:Fumble Of The Week is the wasted opportunity on the Matt Cardona debut.

Why do I believe that this was a wasted opportunity? Especially such a wasted opportunity to make me feel as if this were the worst handled segment of the show? Simple…a star like Cardona deserved so much more than to save Cody in a run-in segment for his debut. This is the type of debut that you give to somebody that you aren’t looking to throw right into a major storyline. This isn’t the type of debut that you give somebody who is a proven star and capable of bringing ratings. Not sure if Cardona can bring ratings? Don’t kid yourself. The following that he is capable of attaining can be seen in the youtube videos/series that he has posted in the past without any mention or push from his then employer World Wrestling Entertainment.

Of course if I am going to go out of my way to mention how blatantly awful this debut was handled then I must have another idea in mind as to how his debut could have gone over so much better, right? Well…Of course I do. Even though we all pretty much knew it was only a matter of time until we saw Cardona in a AEW ring, his debut would have been much more suited for a pay per view. In order to give Cardona the proper push that he deserves, AEW could have advertised that Cody would defend his TNT Championship in a Open Challenge match. This of course would have then been answered by….Matt Cardona. End result? Cardona wins the TNT Championship off of Cody and you instantly have a successful debut that draws major feedback.

This is the type of debut that Cardona deserved. Ultimately, the AEW flopped on this decision. I get it that AEW wants Cody and Cardona to be out there as friends considering everybody knows they are good friends in real life. Perhaps we may still see a Cardona heel turn where he takes the title from Cody? Personally, that would be the best case scenario at this point, in my opinion. However, if Cardona had just shown up at the pay per view and took the title off of Cody then AEW would have had a new TNT Champion and endless possibilities on how they would use Cardona heading into the future.

At the end of the day, Cardona is only 35 years old and has plenty of wrestling left in him. Personally, I am ecstatic that he is in AEW. I just hope that he gets used better than what we saw in his wasted debut. There is no denying that Cardona has always had the talent to be a huge success. Cardona is easily one of the most underrated/underused professional wrestlers in recent memory. While this is, in my opinion, the AEW:Fumble Of The Week, I just hope they turn this fumble into a 3 and out, flip the field, and go for six.

So, What do you think? Is this deserving of being the AEW:Fumble Of The Week? Could Cardona’s debut have gone better? Should it have been a bigger deal, as mentioned earlier in the post? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget…if you enjoy the content found on this page then please feel free to subscribe and stay tuned.

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