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AEW:Pick Six (Top 6 For Week Of July 29th)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AEW: Pick Six Power Rankings for the week of July 29th. This is where I will put who I believe to be the top six performers in AEW at the moment, and this may change from week to week based on TV, storyline pushes, and how well the performer actually performs in their role. So, without further ado….


Matt Hardy

What makes Matt Hardy worth while of being #6 on this weeks AEW: Pick Six? Simple, after the way that Hardy came out and cost the Inner Circle their tag team match by pushing Sammy Guevara off of the top rope, it actually looks as though there is some direction for Hardy once again in AEW. This should set up an interesting feud between Hardy and Guevara which in my opinion is certainly a pay per view quality type of match.


Sammy Guevara

Clearly if Matt Hardy made the list, then the person who he shoved should also be on the list, no? Look, I can’t deny that I am super excited about this angle. Personally, I would likely buy a pay per view just because of this match, that is how good of a story this has the chance to be. Why rank Sammy over Hardy? Well, the fact that he is back from suspension as soon as he is and seemingly having some sort of direction for a quality storyline means that perhaps there is chance for Guevara to still turn things around and go on to have a top notch career. With that being said, lets hope this storyline with Hardy is just the beginning of something that could be special.


Matt Cardona

Ok, so maybe this has more to do with how excited I am just to see Cardona in an AEW ring. I mean, they did drop the ball in the way that he arrived in company(as can be seen in the AEW:Fumble Of The Week article)…BUT…the fact remains that Cardona is here and until the AEW gives me reason to not have him featured in this article, I am going to pencil him into my #4 spot for this week.


Darby Allin / Brian Cage

When it comes to Cage and Darby, you get two excellent contenders for the AEW Championship that both bring something completely different to the table. Personally, I’ve been screaming for a triple threat and I am hoping that is the direction that AEW plans on going with this. However, it is hard to rank either man any higher when they were so one-upped by perhaps another contender to the AEW Championship that we will mention in a moment.


Jon Moxley

Before we move onto the #1 spot in the AEW:Pick Six for the week of July 29th, I only find it fitting that we put AEW Champion Jon Moxley into the number two spot. Why? Simple. The guy brings ratings. Even though he didn’t have an over the top performance on this week’s Dynamite, he did enough. He didn’t need to go over the top, yet he did enough in having a fantastic tag team match in the Main Event and simply continuing to bring the ratings. For this week/the first week of this article? It’s enough for a number two spot.


Maxwell Jacob Friedman

So classic….yet….So fresh. How else can you describe the style and attitude and swagger that MJF brings to the ring? This guy is the real deal, and at only 24 years old, he could very well be the future not only of AEW but of Professional Wrestling in general. He simply had a promo, BUT…as always, MJF made the most of the opportunity. Although he only had a few minutes to say what he had to say, within those few minutes he made you almost forget about Darby and Cage and instead believe that maybe he is the true top contender to Moxley’s AEW Championship. In doing so, not only does he arguably deserve to be the AEW Champion, but he is undeniably deserving of being our #1 pick in this weeks AEW:Pick Six.

So, what do you think? Did anybody else stand out to you? Should the rankings be mixed up a little bit? Do you believe anybody on here is too high or did I snub anybody? Let us hear it in the comment section below. AND, as always…if you enjoy the content found on this page then please subscribe and stay tuned.

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