Jobber For Six(Dark Horse Picks)

Jobber for Six:#95 Flies High

While the obvious pick at New Hampshire is to expect Kevin Harvick to dominate yet again and win his 3rd in a row and 4th out of 6th race at Loudon, that’s not what this article is about. No, this article is about the unexpected. This article is about who can we bet on to rise to the occasion. Who is worth a gamble and perhaps could pay off huge. Well…If you’re looking for that type of information, you’ve come to the right place. The person your looking for? Nascar Cup rookie, Christopher Bell.

I know, I know…this is a name that you’ve heard. And rightfully so. But do you believe he can win at New Hampshire? Let’s not forget that he is yet to win his first Nascar Cup race of his career. Furthermore, he starts from 35. The last time we saw somebody win from so far back in the field was in 2012. That somebody started from the 32. That somebody was Denny Hamlin, who not to take anything away from his efforts, had the Joe Gibbs Racing team behind him.

Could we see a new face in Christopher Bell bring forth similar results eight years later? This time with the Leavine Family Racing team behind him? Perhaps. What makes me confident that this is a possibility? First, you have the fact that we have seen Bell move up the leaderboard after starting towards the back of the pack in numerous other races this season, such as, Darlington, Bristol, and Kentucky, among others. If this isn’t an encouraging enough sign, perhaps we can look at what Bell was able to accomplish on this very track during his time in the Xfinity Series. In fact, it is Bell’s past at this track that pushes me to believe that if anybody can pull off the unthinkable it is Bell. You see, Bell raced here twice in the Xfinity series. How do you think he did in those races? Both top tens? Meh…Both top fives? You could say that…That’s because, he won both of those races. Wish to go back further in history? Bell also raced in New Hampshire once while in the Nascar Truck Series. And yes, he won that race as well. Sounds to me like Bell might know a thing or two about maneuvering around this track.

So, am I predicting Bell to win his first race tomorrow at Doubon? I think it’s possible. In fact, I think you’d have to be crazy to overlook what could be to come. While I personally believe that Harvick deserves to be looked at as the favorite, don’t be surprised if Bell cracks the top ten, and perhaps the top five, making some noise alongside the big boys by the end of the race.

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