Happy Birthday:Tom Brady

For the past 20 years Tom Brady has given us countless amounts of memories. Trust me, as a die hard Patriots fan, I know all about being on the winning side of things from a fans perspective. However, this article isn’t about that. Nor is it about the fact that Brady is now entering his first season away from the franchise in which he helped bring a whopping six Super Bowl titles to, including but obviously not limited to the first Super Bowl title in franchise history. This article isn’t about if he can now bring the same glory to a new franchise in the final seasons of his career. This article is about…Happy Birthday, Tom Brady!

That’s right, lets take a moment away from the oddly insane 2020 that has been as Ozzy would put it”Going off the rails on a crazy train”, to say Happy Birthday to one of if not the greatest NFL QB to ever play the game. For those of you who are going to try to stop me there and <insert Patrick Mahomes comments>, notice I used the word history. Mahomes while being good does not have the resume of which #12 possesses. That doesn’t mean that in time he can’t, that just means that as of this posting he does not. Period.

So, Happy Birthday to Tom Brady. You are now 43 years old and entering a completely new journey in the NFL. Perhaps the last year or two of your career? But hey, who am I to predict when you may call it quits? It has been proven that predicting your demise is almost like attempting to predict the end of the world. It’s something that nobody can accurately do. However, if you needed a little bit of trash talk to keep you young then you were certainly gifted this motivation by Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan who in his words believes that you Tom Brady and your Tampa Bay Buccaneers are “fighting for 2nd place”…And if you want to make it personal…Jordan believes that Brady is the “2nd best QB in the history of the NFL, right behind Drew Brees”.

Gotta love the smack talk. Things should definitely get interesting if the season is indeed able to overcome the obstacle that is Covid-19. Personally, I find that doubtful…BUT…let’s hope that it indeed does and in turn we are able to see this match-up of Brady v.s. Jordan on the field rather than just the microphone. However, in the mean time…Happy Birthday Tom! We here at thank you for all that you have done throughout your career and hope that you have an amazing 43rd Birthday.

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