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AEW:Fumble Of The Week(Week of August 5th)

Wow….Before I go any further, let me just say that this weeks episode of Dynamite was one of the best wrestling programs that I have seen in a while. I was pleasantly surprised that Eric Bischoff showed up in what would turn out to be a pretty funny segment, I loved the continuation of Hardy v.s. Guevara, and the entire situation with FTR and The Elite seems to have the majority of us scratching our heads wondering what in the world is going on (at this point, I am assuming the multiple twists and turns is by design in order to do just that).

However, since this is a weekly episode where I must determine the AEW:Fumble Of The Week…This week, I will personally be highlighting my issues with the way that they used….

That’s right, Darby Allin. Let’s not forget that last week Darby was listed in the AEW:Pick Six in a tie as the number three wrestler. However, this week…it almost made me wonder if Darby’s push is over prematurely. Now, I hope that I am wrong and AEW has something greater up their sleeve. I have been screaming for a Fatal Four for the the AEW Championship. Perhaps we may still somehow be treated to such a match? However, the evidences of the happenings at last nights event point in a total opposite direction. At least for now. Look, nobody is saying that Darby is done with main event hype. However, I just feel that if they do move on from Darby for right now that it is too soon and it may hurt his character and the overall feel of the product more than anything.

With this being said, trust me…I believe that MJF and Moxley would be a great match by itself. However, I believe a Fatal Four between Moxley, MJF, Darby, and Cage would set the company over the top and perhaps bring forth a new beginning for professional wrestling. A new beginning that professional wrestling desperately needs if it ever wants to come close to matching the same type of audience that it once captured. Again, this was a tough week for me to choose a Fumble Of The Week but since this is a weekly article, I couldn’t think of anything better to put here than my opinion that I would have much rather seen Darby V.S. Moxley have a different outcome than looking as if Darby is done for now. Perhaps Cage and Starks could have some how got involved and then said that they do what they want when they want? The entire situation with MJF was played flawlessly, but where does this leave Darby? Only time will tell.

So, what do y’all think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below and as always if you enjoy the content on this page then please subscribe. Thank you.

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