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AEW:Pick Six (Top 6 For Week Of Aug. 5th)

So, how much has changed since our first Pick Six article? I would assume that depends on which angle you are looking at things from. For starters, Darby Allin may officially be back out of the title picture after a loss to Jon Moxley on Dynamite. Mean while, Brian Cage didn’t even appear on Dynamite as he was “banned from the arena”. Furthermore, Matt Cardona had a simple tag team match that while it was entertaining, it wasn’t exactly the type of match that would wow the average fan or make you think that much thought has gone into Cardonas AEW future.

So, without further ado…


Darby Allin(LW-Tie for 3rd with Brian Cage)

Why such the drastic fall from being in a tie for 3rd all the way down to 6th? First of all, Darby had another excellent performance in his match against Moxley. Also, I am hopeful that perhaps Darby can some how end up back into the main event picture before All Out on September 5th. Unfortunately, I doubt this will be the case. Therefore, his great showing against Moxley is perhaps the sole reason that Darby remains on this list. You see, last week he was in the middle of a potential feud where he had the opportunity to showcase his talents at a main event level. Now, after losing his title match against Moxley, what is next for this seemingly future star? Only time will tell but I definitely hope that AEW has something big planned.


Brian Cage(LW-Tie for 3rd with Darby Allin)

Unlike Darby, Cage found himself in a situation this week where his talents weren’t needed. This caused Cage to be “banned from the arena” along with running mate Ricky Starks. Perhaps this was simply because keeping him off of the card was the best way to ensure that he was able to actually keep the momentum that he has built since arriving in AEW? While I believe Cage will be thrust back into the spotlight as soon as next week, being left off of a show that turned out to be one of the best wrestling events that I have seen in a while has to result in a loss of a couple spots in our Pick Six.


Sammy Guevara(LW-#5)

Last week I commented on the potential of this rivalry and boy did they prove me right again this week. Guevara and Hardy continue to steal the show and the only reason that I am putting Hardy in front of Guevara this week will be detailed here in a minute. However, The best part about it all? This is seemingly going to be a feud leading right up to All Out. This means that we should be treated to one of the best rivalries in recent memory over the course of the next month. This week we saw Guevara leave Hardy a bloody mess after a brawl turned into Guevara showing off his amazing athleticism hitting a twisting back-flip of sorts off of the ramp driving Hardy through a table. Wow. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love every second of their segment.


Matt Hardy(LW_#6)

Ok, so why do we place Matt Hardy at #3 ahead of Guevara? The only reason that we have chosen to do this is due to the way that Hardy seems to be the coach in all of this. Much in the same way that Hardy is placing his name on the line by endorsing Private Party, he is doing this with Guevara but instead by working with him as a rival. By the way, did you hear that promo he cut in order to lead up to their brawl? Epic. Keep it up Matt! The work you are doing with Guevara is turning into one of the better rivalries in recent wrestling history and I love it.


Jon Moxley(LW-#2)

What wasn’t to love about Moxley’s match with Darby Allin? While I am sure not many people believed that Moxley would lose, the two still found a way to put forth a quality match. This being said, love him or hate him, Moxley equals ratings. Whats next for the AEW Champion? A rivalry that if done right should make for massive headlines and even more ratings perhaps helping to catapult AEW to yet another level.


Maxwell Jacob Friedman(LW-#1)

If your looking for a way for me to defend this pick then…….I’ve got Two Words For Ya!….Generational Talent. It seems like every generation has a talent or two that is capable of headlining for years to come. You know, the type of guy that comes along and turns wrestling upside down walking away as a Hall of Famer. MJF is clearly one of those talents. Not only did he have a quality segment in the back, but he also helped make the main event between Darby and Moxley so great. In fact, the way that MJF tried to screw over Moxley and then his reaction in the back when Moxley ended up winning may have been some of the best highlights of the entire show. MJF makes you feel young again. MJF makes wrestling feel like what it used to be. That is why I will be keeping him at #1 this week and perhaps many more to come.

So, what do you think? Would you agree with the Pick Six for this week? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below and as always if you enjoy the content found on this page then please subscribe and stay tuned.

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